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shoshin ([personal profile] shoshin) wrote2009-07-06 09:14 pm
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Movies with Ninjas

The latest from The Onion News Network about a ninja parade in Modesto is pretty funny, though not as funny as the Onion article about the office massacre by a disgruntled ninja co-worker wherein, among other things, one of them was, "...impaled upon cunningly folded quarterly report folders."

More seriously, though I'm sure it'll be a cheese-fest, Ninja with Scott Adkins looks like it has some beautiful fight scenes. Another ninja movie, Kamui, looks to be more in the classic line of Japanese ninja and samurai epics to judge by these teaser clips. It has much the same feel as the movie version of Lone Wolf and Cub series (also referred to as Shogun Assassin, another movie based on a manga. One hopes it will live up to the sand dunes fight in Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart at the River Styx.

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